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Can your company benefit from WebTek's PhotoVideoShow™

" The Most Exceptional Value "

What is PhotoVideoShow™? PhotoVideoShow™ (PVS) is a way for you to easily create a video tour to showcase your products and services. You simply create an account here at WebTek. You then login to your account, add your comments in the text box, then upload up to 35 photos. The website then does the rest and sends you a link to add to your own website!


  • WebTek PhotoVideoShow™ can be a powerful tool in displaying your products and business facility
  • Some products are to large to transport so why not provide a PVS™ of those products
  • Lower your travel cost for sales people and clients. Send a WebTek PVS™ incorporating the voice over feature
  • Bed and Breakfasts'  can showcase their rooms and amenities with a PVS™
  • Malls can showcase their stores
  • Stores can provide PVS™ for promotions and sales
  • Show off your commercial office space for lease or sale
  • Home Builders can be more competitive by showcasing their spec homes and past projects
  • Developers can produce PVS™ for their sub divisions
  • Enhance your employee recruiting efforts by showing candidates your work environment
  • Keep investors informed with updated progress of your building project
  • Independent retail stores can showcase your products and specials
  • Enhance your email marketing by attaching a PVS™
  • Retirement villages show off your best features to draw in those new clients
  • Use a WebTek PVS™ to show your rental properties
  • Cities can market themselves with PVS™

The list goes on and on. Can you think of a better way to enhance your marketing than with a low cost high quality WebTek PhotoVideoShow™? You don't even have to have a web site to market with a WebTek PhotoVideoShow™. As long as you have an email address you can reach your clients, business associates, friends and more.

It's a no-brainer, you get unlimited PhotoVideoShows™, a custom page here showcasing your PhotoVideoShow™ products and services. One full year of internet marketing for the most exceptional value on the internet of $300.00. Did we mention the best personalized customer service anywhere? Create an account today and get started to a more prosperous year!

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