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Savvy Agents Use Virtual Tours

Savvy agents know how to use virtual tours to full advantage, making them into a tool that distinguishes their marketing from their competitors.

Cross-marketing is at its best when you put your website on your business cards, and virtual tour sign riders on your yard signs.

If you as agents make an active effort to market them, there's a lot you can do with a virtual tour.

If a virtual tour is a tool, and the purpose of the tool is to help advertise the listing, then it stands to reason that broadcasting the virtual tour is the best way to use it.

Some effective ways to use virtual tours are:

  • email alerts - to inform prospects and other Realtors of new listings
  • email signature lines where correspondents can sign off with "See my new listing!" making sure you add a link to the virtual tour!
  • content for the agent's website(s) - "See my virtual tours"
  • virtual tours make excellent content for the agent's newsletter, or market conditions reports
  • content for listing presentations that illustrate what the agent can do to market the home online and to show where the home will be marketed online:, franchise websites, personal websites, newspaper and other media websites, and more
  • content to help convince sellers of the importance of staging, decluttering, remodeling, lighting, and more
  • a competitive edge - that all the agent's listings get a virtual tour regardless of the home's price
  • sign riders to invite drive-by consumers to the agent's website to learn more
  • It's a matter of making it a habit to use virtual tours as a means to an end. Virtual tours, like any advertising tool that you use to distinguish your marketing from other agents, have to be cross-marketed in many places.
  • That means the Realtor should be cross-marketing all their tools in many places.

Marketing Ideas

Agent Highlights

  • What about doing a special tour that’s all about you, so that your prospects and clients can get to know you? Show the homes you’ve listed and sold. Show you and your family. Or, show your special interests, favorite neighborhoods, pictures from your recent vacation, or of your new puppy. Use your imagination!

Buyer Tour

  • A virtual tour is a perfect tool for agents who specialize in working with buyers. Create a quick tour of the available properties you want them to consider. You can either take the photos yourself, or if allowed, use the photos already posted by the listing agent.

Relocation Tour

  • A WebTek Tour is an ideal tool for your relocation clients. Just as with a Buyer Tour, you can create customized tour of the homes that fit their needs. But you can do so much more – include photos of the local neighborhood, schools, parks, and other community highlights.

Listing Presentation

  • Create a tour of the comps before going to a listing presentation. Imagine showing up with a tour highlighting the comps in the seller's neighborhood. You could include a picture of the exterior, the location, the asking price, even other photos.

Rental / Vacation Property Tour

  • Typically, it's not cost-effective to do a virtual tour for a rental property or vacation property – until now, that is. Remember, you can do as many tours as want. So, why not enhance your rental listings beyond what anyone else is doing?

Holiday Greetings

  • A WebTek Tour is an excellent way to send a Holiday Greeting to your entire SOI. Send it to every customer, contact, and prospect you have. It’s fast, it's easy, and it will definitely set you apart from other agents.